Orchot Yosher was established upon the request and direction of Maran HaRav  Chaim Kanievsky zatzal in Teves of  תשע"ב, l’zaicher nishmas his beloved and pious Rebbitzen a'h.

The sudden passing of Rebbitzen Bat Sheva Kanievsky a”h was felt throughout Klal Yisroel – she was a loving mother to the thousands of women and young ladies who knew her and to the tens of thousands who came to her for direction, brachos, and advice.

Maran zatzal directed his grandson, Rabbi Aryeh Kanievsky shlita, whom he hand-chose to lead Orchot Yosher with the following mandate: 

“Boruch Hashem, Torah, we have.  There are also many in Klal Yisroel that are involved in Kiruv Rechokim. And there are many that do צדקה וחסד. But there is no one to strengthen the study of Mussar. There is no one actively working to help us in the growth of ethics and מידות.This is therefore an immediate Tzorech sha’ah!  This organization was presided over and directly advised by Maran Sar HaTorah zatzal.  Through its efforts, and its hand-picked Kollel members, over 800 daily mussar shiurim and Torah classes were established throughout the width and breadth of Eretz Yisroel.  These shiurim were established along with the study of Torah, following Maran’s idea that Mussar and Torah must be studied together.

Under Maran zt”l’s direction, it also distributed kimcha d’Pischa to 1350 families throughout Eretz Yisroel who were affected by the pandemic and its accompanying economic devastation.  

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Orchot Yosher

Yom Tov Grants and Support for Needy Families Annual Budget: $700,000

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Kollel Orchot Yosher Annual Budget: $300,000

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פתיחת כולל ארחות יושר בבית מרן
Orchot Yosher

Daily Musar Annual Budget: $400,000

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Yarchei Kalah Annual Budget: $200,000

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