Attending a Sefardic Minyan For a Shidduch

Someone posed a question to Maran Rav Chaim zt”l about shidduchim:

There are numerous young men and you women that are having difficulty finding their zivug. Does Maran have a suggestion for them? Rav Chaim t”l suggested that they should have in mind during Birchas Kohanim that their zivug come quicker. The question was further posed that since Birkas Kohanim is only done in Chutz LaAretz on the Yomim Tovim, would it be proper to attend a Sefardic minyan in order to have this in mind? Rav Chaim responded that it is an aitzah tova – a good suggestion.

(Rav Chaim on Shidduchim p.318)